Realtors ring bells for Salvation Army on Realtor Ring Day as Seen on WQOW

Posted: 12.12.18

Realtors Association of Northwestern Wisconsin had a jolly time ringing bells for the Salvation Army this holiday season. Thank you so much to WQOW for joining us on Friday! 

Eau Claire (WQOW) — Realtors switched their keys for bells to spread holiday cheer Friday.

Friday is National Realtor Ring Day. It’s an annual event on the first Friday of December. REALTORS® across the country team up with the Salvation Army to ring for donations in their local communities.

Volunteers in Eau Claire rang bells at the Festival Foods on Birch Street and Shopko.

For them, it’s rewarding beyond just raising money. “It’s a really fun way to spend a morning, because you’re just really talking to people,” said bell ringer Jenny Evert. “I’m really kind of astounded by the generosity of people, this year especially compared to previous years. Almost everyone who has walked by has put at least a dollar into the kettle.”

Some of them even talked about their own experiences. “Some of them have told really interesting stories about friends or family they’ve had that have been helped by Salvation Army when they’ve been in tough situations.”

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The REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin is the professional trade association that all professional REALTORS® residing within the association jurisdiction belong to. The association provides educational opportunities for its members, is active in local, state and national advocacy efforts, engages in community outreach through charitable giving, operates its own private foundation to help homeowners in need and remains a positive force for the members they serve.

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