Actively engage on issues ranging from public education to economic development.  Be seen by the public, media, and elected officials as the leading advocate for private property rights and real property ownership.  Educate our members on the value of our REALTOR® Party involvement and exceed participation rates in RPAC investments and NAR/WRA Calls for Action.  Recognize the demographics of our board jurisdiction and the unique challenges based on marketplace diversity.

Interested in having someone discuss Affordable Housing, Workforce Housing,  Opportunity Zones, Placemaking Grants, or current Land Use issues at an upcoming meeting?  

Contact 715-835-0923 or

Need to contact your legislator? Let us help you!

Wisconsin State Senate:
Romaine Quinn (R-25) - 608-266-3510
Cory Tomczyk (R-29) - 608-266-2502
Jesse James (R-23) - 608-266-7511
Patrick Testin (R-24) - 608-266-3123
Jeff Smith (D-31) - 608-266-8546
Rob Stafsholt (R-10) - 608-266-7745

Wisconsin Assembly:
James Edming (R-87) 608-237-9187
Jodi Emerson (D-91) 608-237-7461
Karen Hurd (R-68) 608-237-9168
Warren Petryk (R-93) 608-237-9193
Treig Pronschinske (R-92) 608-237-9192
David Armstrong (R-75) 608-237-9175
Clint Moses (R-29) 608-237-9129
Rob Summerfield (R-67) 608-237-9167
Angie Sapik (R-73) - 608-237-9173
Chanz Green (R-74) - 608-237-9174
Nancy VanderMeeer (R-70) - 608-237-9170

Interested in Grants...

The REALTOR® Party provides the following grants to state and local associations to help create, promote and sustain a vote, act and invest culture of advocacy. If you have an idea or need for a grant contact 715-835-0923 or


For a list of available grants - CLICK HERE


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