• Candidates for Eau Claire City Council president participate in housing forum as seen on WQOW

    Posted: 03.25.19

    Eau Claire (WQOW) – Thursday morning, Terry Weld and Andrew Werthmann participated in their last Q & A forum as candidates for Eau Claire City Council president.

  • Off the Market: Eau Claire home sales up big so far this year as Seen on WQOW

    Posted: 03.21.19

    Eau Claire (WQOW)- Through a cold and snowy winter, home sales stayed red-hot in the Chippewa Valley.

  • February Sales and Home Prices Increase as Inventories Remain Tight

    Posted: 03.19.19

    Despite a cold, snowy winter and escalating prices, home sales in Wisconsin were up in February

  • January Home Sales Moderate as Inventory Problems Persist

    Posted: 02.25.19

    January 2018 was a record month for existing home sales in Wisconsin

  • Pepin County ADRC Receives Donation from Realtors Association As Seen in The Courier-Wedge

    Posted: 02.8.19

    The Courier-Wedge was there to help celebrate the donation to the Aging and Disability Resources Center. The article can be found in The Courier-Wedge, Page 9 from Thursday, February 7th.

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