Housing Assistance For Tornado Victims in Barron and Rusk Counties

Posted: 06.7.17

As Seen on WQOW:

Eau Claire (WQOW) - Families and individuals affected by May's tornado are getting a round of financial help.

In a press release, the RANWW Foundation is donating $58,000 in housing assistance for those affected by the tornado. The foundation said eligible applicants could receive $1,000 in grant dollars to help with paying existing mortgage payments or rent payments while they are fixing their damaged homes or finding a new place to live.

“Imagine if your home was damaged to the point of not being able to remain living there, yet you still have to continue paying the mortgage payment in addition to paying for temporary housing," said Executive Vice President Brenda Barnhardt.

The foundation said the grant dollars were received from the national REALTORS Relief Foundation and given to the REALTORS Association of Northwestern Wisconsin Foundation.

Those affected by the tornado, including in Barron and Rusk counties, can fill out an application and return it to the RANWW Foundation for approval.

The REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin is the professional trade association that all professional REALTORS® residing within the association jurisdiction belong to. The association provides educational opportunities for its members, is active in local, state and national advocacy efforts, engages in community outreach through charitable giving, operates its own private foundation to help homeowners in need and remains a positive force for the members they serve.

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