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Posted: 02.21.18

As Seen on WQOW

Eau Claire (WQOW)
-Those looking to buy a home right now better be ready to sign on the dotted line.

"When a house pops up it's gone very, very quickly," said Audrey Borcherding with Copper Key Home Solutions. "There are a lot of buyers who are ready, willing and able but finding them a home has been really, really tough in this market."

Copper Key renovates and sells homes. Its owner said they have buyers approaching them before they're finished flipping the houses. 

It comes down to supply and demand, and according to the Wisconsin Realtors Association, inventory is low. They said there are a few factors driving the shortage. One is that the job market is good and there are lots of buyers. 

"As the population increases there's more and more demand on housing, and right now there's a labor shortage in the building industry, so we haven't been able to build," said Brenda Barnhardt, with the Realtors Association of Northwestern Wisconsin.

Barnhardt said these factors have pushed the average home price in our area up eight percent overall. Some areas saw a huge jump like Chippewa County - its average price has risen more than 42 percent from last year.

If you're looking at buying, Barnhardt said be prepared, know what you're looking for, be pre-approved and ready to make an offer right away.

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