REALTORS® Association Helps Girl Scout Achieve Silver Award with Little Free Libraries

Posted: 10.25.19

Local REALTORS® helped an Eleva-Strum student reach her goal of receiving one of Girl Scouting's highest honors by sponsoring her Silver Award project to build Little Free Libraries in her community. 
Girl Scouting’s highest awards—the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards—are a girl’s chance to make a lasting difference in the world. Girl Scouts of Northwestern Great Lakes is honored to present Jordan Moen with the Girl Scout Silver Award, the highest recognition for achievement in Girl Scouting for girls in grades 6-8.
The Silver Award recognizes girls who demonstrate—individually or as a group—extraordinary leadership through sustainable and measurable Take Action projects that address important community needs.
Jordan is the daughter of Kelly Moen and Milt Moen and a 9th grader from Eleva-Strum. As a Girl Scout member starting her 9th year, Jordan is an Individually Registered Girl Scout. She was supported in her Silver Award efforts by the Villages of Eleva and Strum, Town of Albion and the REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin. Her Silver Award project began in the Summer of 2018, she was recognized and awarded her Silver Award from her council in Spring 2019 at the Girl Scouts of Distinction banquet. Two of her Little Free Libraries were installed in Spring 2019 and the final two libraries were installed in the Fall 2019.
Through a leadership project, Jordan wanted to make a positive impact in the community to help encourage adults and kids to read with easy access to books in her local community park locations. This project helped Eleva and Strum communities have easier access to books and have more location to choose from, especially when the library is closed or they don’t have access to get to the library.
Jordan used her strength, talent, and skills and put her plan into action to earn the Silver Award while taking a leadership role. Jordan presented to the Villages of Eleva and Strum, Town of Albion and the REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin boards where she was able to gain the approval of all four boards to move forward with building the libraries. Jordan hosted many fundraisers to earn money to build the first two libraries and then partnered with the REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin to fund the last two libraries.
Jordan then proceeded to design, build, install and register two libraries in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 with her mentors, which were placed in Walnut Park in Strum and Town of Albion, South of Eleva. Then, in the Summer and Fall 2019, Jordan designed, built, installed and registered the final two libraries, which were placed in Woodland Park in Strum and Eleva Lake Park in Eleva.
One of Jordan’s mentors said “It made me very happy and proud to work with Jordan on the libraries. Jordan worked very hard and I believe she learned a lot about building the libraries and it was for a very good cause for the community.”
Jordan shared the following “I loved working on the libraries because I knew they would be helping others get access to books in both communities I am a part of in both Eleva and Strum. Working with all my mentors and learning more about woodworking was fun, too.”
The REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin is the professional trade association that all professional REALTORS® residing within the association jurisdiction belong to. The association provides educational opportunities for its members, is active in local, state and national advocacy efforts, engages in community outreach through charitable giving, operates its own private foundation to help homeowners in need and remains a positive force for the members they serve.

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