Housing Market Continues on Record Pace in 2021

Posted: 02.24.21

The Wisconsin existing home market continued its successful streak following a record sales year in 2020.
"Typically, January is a stagnant month for home sales," said REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin Executive Vice President Brenda Barnhardt. "We are welcoming the continued strong market in 2021."
Locally, Eau Claire County saw an increase of 5.1% in home sales compared to January 2020, according to the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association. Jackson County more than doubled their home sales in January with an increase of 114% compared to January 2020.
However, the strong housing market is not likely to continue unless the inventories start to rise. Eau Claire County's inventories are down from 3 months of available homes in January 2020 to 2.2 months in January 2021.
"If you are a home buyer struggling to find your dream home, don't give up the search quite yet,” said Deb Hanson, RANWW Board President. "There is less competition in the wintertime, and an experienced REALTOR® will help you find opportunities for a home that is the best fit for you."
The REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin is the professional trade association that all professional REALTORS® residing within the association jurisdiction belong to. The association provides educational opportunities for its members, is active in local, state and national advocacy efforts, engages in community outreach through charitable giving, operates its own private foundation to help homeowners in need and remains a positive force for the members they serve.

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