NorthstarMLS and NWWMLS Begin IntraMatrix Collaboration

Posted: 03.2.23

NorthstarMLS and Northwestern Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service (NWWMLS) Begin IntraMatrix Collaboration

Agreement provides Participants and subscribers with reciprocal access to each respective Matrix platforms.

A new agreement between NorthstarMLS and NWWMLS expands the exposure of real estate listings across Minnesota and Wisconsin. This IntraMatrix Collaboration allows Participants and Subscribers belonging to NorthstarMLS and NWWMLS to view the other organization’s Matrix listing management platform and reciprocates the terms of cooperative compensation between the two MLSs.

“Collaboration is the key to providing the best possible consumer experience, and making our Participants and Subscribers successful in their businesses” said Brenda Barnhardt NWWMLS CEO

“We firmly believe that consumers benefit when neighboring marketplaces find ways to collaborate. IntraMatrix provides all our Participants and Subscribers a complete picture of every available listing necessary to bring about a successful transaction for the consumer,” said Tim Dain, NorthstarMLS CEO.

A tab added to the upper right corner of NorthstarMLS and NWWMLS’s Matrix management platforms provides viewing access to the other organization’s system.

Participants and Subscribers will be able to see and print listings but will not have the ability to send direct or auto emails, create comparative market analyses (CMAs) or other market reports, or access statistics, news items or other Wisconsin Real Estate Exchange (WIREX) listings.

“Given our shared borders, every effort to collaborate is a benefit to the consumer and the Participants and Subscribers of both organizations,” said Dain.

About NorthstarMLS

The Regional MLS of Minnesota, Inc. doing business as NorthstarMLS, provides participating real estate brokers and agents with fast and reliable access to the information and resources that make the real estate market function efficiently and effectively for both buyers and sellers. It serves three shareholder and eight client REALTOR Associations, supporting more than 22,600 REALTORS across Minnesota and into Western Wisconsin, with 96.3% of all Minnesota REALTORS sharing listing information and connecting buyers and sellers through the platform. Learn more at

About Northwestern Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service

The NWWMLS serves a territorial jurisdiction of fourteen (14) counties located in the Northwestern corner of Wisconsin.  We strive to provide our Participants and Subscribers with all the data necessary to complete a transaction, while providing the best possible consumer experience.  We support more than 1,200 REALTORS® living and working within Northwestern Wisconsin communities: connecting buyers, sellers and making the market work! Learn more at

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