March 2024 Home Sales Press Release

Posted: 04.25.24

*****News Release****
Higher sales in Q1 as a result of more listings

Eau Claire, WI – The ending results for the first quarter of the year are encouraging with increased listings, increased monthly sales, and increased median home prices.  Inventories are still tight with only 2.9 months of available supply (a balanced market has 6 months of supply) but the demand is strong.  Every region across the state of Wisconsin saw an increase in supply for the month of March 2024 compared to March 2023.  

  • Total statewide listings increased double digits at 10.6% in March 2024 compared to March 2023 (15,880 listings in March 2024 compared to 14,354 listings in March 2023)
  • Monthly home sales increased to 4,666 sales in March 2024, up from 4,521 sales in March 2023 (3.2% increase)
  • Median home prices increased 10.1% ($299,900 in March 2024 compared to $272,500 in March 2023)

Western Wisconsin and Eau Claire County both increased their months of supply in March 2024 compared to March 2023 to 3.2 and 3.1 respectively.  The increased supply did result in  a double-digit home sales increase for Eau Claire County for the same time period. 

  • Eau Claire County home sales increased from 70 sales in March 2023 to 79 sales in March 2024 (12.9% increase)
  • Western Wisconsin median home price increased 5.3% in March 2024 compared to March 2023 ($280,000 to $294,000)
  • Eau Claire County average days on the market fell to 91 days from 96 days (5.2% in March 2024 from March 2023)

“The spring market has shown an increase in listings across most of the region, which is exciting, but we still have a ways to go to get back to a balanced market,” shares Todd Schwartz, President of the REALTORS® Association of Northwestern Wisconsin.  “Some buyers are still hopeful that interest rates will begin to fall to help with affordability but the latest increase does not indicate this happening soon.”


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